Lockdown Diary: Balloons again

Lily’s very cute three-year-old half-sister came round earlier. She was very excited as the whole house is still decked out in confetti and balloons from last weekend’s party. I said she could have some balloons to take home, but Lily was a bit sad to lose her balloons, so I’ve now rashly promised to keep buying and blowing up balloons so that the whole house is always festooned with them! I buy them cheaply in big packs so they’ll cost me less than £40 a year.

Pretty sure this is bonkers but it does make the house look very bright and happy, so why not?!

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6 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Balloons again”

  1. You might get luckier on your divorce anniversary.

    I would have made the same mistake about the potatoes. But a good cook just cooks with what he/she has or finds. And doesn’t not follow the recipe entirely.

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