Lockdown Diary: Journal

Yesterday I started a journal. I used my 2019/2020 diary which I had yet to write in. Better late than never!

My journal differs from this blog (which is good, as there wouldn’t be much point in my writing it otherwise). It’s more about my innermost thoughts than events, and I think it would be tremendously boring to anyone else. I’m not worrying about whether it’s entertaining or readable; I just want to make sense of the stuff inside my head, and am finding it incredibly cathartic.

I had therapy on and off for 23 years and it can be wonderfully life-changing. I stopped my sessions when Talk Yourself Better came out in October 2018, and haven’t restarted. There are a couple of reasons why I stopped: firstly, I felt as though I no longer needed it — or at least, that it wasn’t value for money/time for me anymore as I was pretty much fine (and still am, hence not restarting); secondly, I wasn’t sure my therapist was right for me.

But even in two days of writing the journal, I’ve been able to make some headway on my goals. Just being totally honest with myself is therapeutic, and you can be even more honest with a diary than you can with a person, as you’re unlikely to be able to hurt its feelings. It can’t annoy you, either, or vice versa. Plus it’s a tangible record of how you’ve changed over time.

I totally love journalling and would recommend it (and/or therapy) to anyone who genuinely wants to change their life for the better.

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3 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Journal”

  1. You know there is a story to tell about an obese therapist unable to help a patient, or even giving him/her very bad advices due to her own relation with food. Could be a comedy or a tragedy.

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