Lockdown Diary: House

I love my house but it takes a long time to clean. That sounds like such a daft complaint – ‘Oh no, my car’s just too expensive, it costs loads to insure!’ ‘Oh woe is me, I’m too beautiful and guys keep hitting on me!’ – but frankly I have lost months of my life to this house, just scrubbing and washing and wiping and dusting. I am very proud of it though, when it looks neat and tidy and gorgeous.

Lily is coming home this weekend and we’re celebrating her ninth birthday, and her present (in 40 wrapped packages, thankfully mostly bought from Tiger before lockdown hit) is a brand new bedroom! Currently she has a Harry Potter bedroom and it’s very stylish but all a bit austere, in black and white and beige. She wants it to look more childlike and colourful, so the first step is to clean it thoroughly – which is what I’ll be doing today.

I’m going to put on music to make the chores more fun, and will put up photos of the transformation here this weekend.

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