Lockdown Diary: Thriva

The eight-year-old has spent the past day building her first website for kids, Learning to Love Lockdown, and her Uncle Graham has very kindly designed a brilliant logo for it!


Hopefully she’ll become a techpreneur and earn a million by the time she’s 18…

In other news, I’ve been thinking about my health. My mum thinks I might be Type 2 diabetic as she’s pre-diabetic. Fortuitously, I got a promo code for a cheap test from a health service that’s been following me around the internet, called Thriva. You send them a fingerprick sample of your blood and they analyse it and let you know how healthy you are (and, in my case, whether I’m diabetic or not).

Three months later, after eating incredibly healthily in my case, you repeat the process (which will cost £79, which is almost as painful as giving the blood sample!) and learn how your markers have changed. Hopefully they’ll have improved – it’ll be fascinating to see.

I should receive the test kit in the post in the next few days, so will blog about it. Watch this space!

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