Lockdown Diary: Song

I wrote a list of things I missed yesterday, to be sung to the tune of My Favourite Things:

Things That I Miss

Hand sanitizer and my Nana’s laughter
Not disinfecting my shopping straight after
Swedish massages and romantic bliss
These are a few of the things that I miss

Asking ‘how are you?’ without any subtext
Standing pressed up to the man in the queue next
Coughing in public with nothing amiss
These are a few of the things that I miss

Andrex Quilts loo roll and Tesco fusilli
Baked beans and sardines and a long hard willy
Warm sexy cuddles, a lingering kiss
These are a few of the things that I miss

When I feel hot
When I feel weak
With a suspicious cough
I simply remember the things that I miss
And then I don’t feel pissed off

(I haven’t gotten ill yet, touch wood. Though touching wood is something I miss too!)

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8 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Song”

  1. I miss going to a long walk, spending lots of time in a bookshop, then a cafe. Or going to the pub. And taking the train! Oh how I miss train journeys!

    Otherwise I’m actually fine with the lockdown.

      1. I will confess it here: I could carry on like this working from home until they fire me. I hate my work that much and it is so much more bearable working from home and seeing nobody.

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