Lockdown Diary: Jigsaws

My friend John made me laugh. He said ‘Won’t someone think of the burglars? How are they supposed to burgle with everyone staying home all the time?!’ Perhaps they need their own coronavirus stimulus package…

The eight-year-old and I are still enjoying doing arts and crafts. Yesterday I made her a newspaper skirt and a top out of a bin liner, and she looked surprisingly stylish!


Today we tried to make a jigsaw. First we needed a base, so I used the box for Lily’s giant chocolate Easter egg.


Then we needed a picture for the jigsaw, so used a pretty flower postcard and stuck two sheets of card on the back.


Lily cut out the pieces, but found cutting through three sheets of card very difficult.


Then she started trying to do the jigsaw puzzle:


But it was very difficult because the edges weren’t clearly delineated, and this is as far as she got.


She wasn’t happy!


But the process was fun. This afternoon we’re going to do a ‘spa day’, with face masks and cucumber slices. Pictures to follow!

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6 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Jigsaws”

  1. It’s good to recycle.

    Criminal activities in times of COVID-19 have given this wannabe crime writer a few headaches. How does one perform murders, sells narcotics, launders money, eight now? And the cops are busy chasing other sorts of law breakers : those who do not respect confinement. So far I just ignore the current pandemic and its effects on cops and robbers.

    On a side note, Deon Meyer, usually crime writer, wrote a scifi novel that is very topical : Fever. Maybe the one to read these days, unless you find it too close to comfort.

    1. To be honest, apart from the threat of the virus, I feel a lot safer right now. I think (well, I hope) most criminals will be too scared of catching the virus to mug, rape or burgle anybody. They’re probably at home watching telly like everyone else!

      1. It reminds me of a scene in Treasure Island, when Dr Livesey visits the mutineers/pirates. When it comes to their health, they are as scared and helpless as any patient.

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