Lockdown Diary: Parachutes

What a shocking and worrying turn of events last night. I couldn’t sleep for thinking about Boris Johnson. Politics don’t matter right now – you don’t need to be politically aligned to have empathy for someone who is suffering, especially when any of us could soon be in the same situation. I hope he gets well quickly.

All is busy here. Lily has been enjoying her Galaxy Easter egg and working her way through the projects in her new favourite book, 101 Things for Kids to Do on a Rainy Day by Dawn Isaac.


We’re restricted to projects for which we have the materials, so yesterday Lily made pink and red carnations out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners.


And we were honoured when the author of the book herself tweeted about Lily’s flowers! High praise.


So this morning we decided to tackle a different project: making a parachute out of a bin liner!


We cut out a square from the bin liner, tied string to each corner, and then originally tied the strings to a toy sloth Lily bought me called Lazy Bum.


Sadly Lazy Bum was very heavy, and didn’t float! So we tried again with a wooden butterfly.


This was lighter and so was much more successful. Here’s a video of its flight:

Lily has also been amusing herself by trying on some of my wigs! (I do actually have my own hair, these were just for music videos.)



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7 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Parachutes”

  1. The picture in the picture is called a mise en abyme.

    I agree with you on Boris Johnson. Not only because I don’t want anyone to suffer of COVID-19, but because a PM on his back sick and not at his best to run the country in a time of crisis is very bad news.

    1. Absolutely. I think he just needs to rest now though without the pressure of being an active PM – it may be exacerbating his condition.

      Mise en abyme – interesting! The French always have the best phrases.

      1. It’s a concept in literature, particularly in theatre. It also exists in visual arts, just like in the picture of your daughter.

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