Lockdown Diary: Welcome home!

Hurray! My beautiful baby is home for Easter. Normally we’d travel all over London seeing friends and go to visit my nan in the care home, but of course that isn’t possible right now, so we’re staying indoors and playing Mastermind and backgammon. She’s also addicted to her iPad, so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of free time to blog and write while she’s busy with her apps.


So today I have to do a massive shop so that she has enough food to eat for the next five days. I don’t want to take her to the supermarket with me as there are too many people. I meant to do the big shop yesterday, but was visually accosted and beguiled by the display of gigantic Easter eggs as I walked into Tesco. I thought ‘I have to get Lily an Easter egg!’ They were £6 each or £8 for two, so I lugged two of them (Galaxy and Maltesers) up to the counter, along with whatever else I could fit in my basket.


As I bought two eggs, they should have cost £8 – but they didn’t apply the promotion, so I paid £12 – an extra £4!

Now, ordinarily I’d rush back with the receipt to get this redressed, but when (a) you’re wearing fogged-up goggles and a mask you can barely talk through, (b) the cashier is also wearing a mask, and (c) there’s a massive queue of people who aren’t being very good with the whole ‘social distancing’ thing, it’s an impossibility.

So I wrote off the £4, got home and wrapped the eggs, ready for Lily’s arrival today.


I wrapped them because (a) they’re more special for her that way, and (b) it’s less likely that I’ll be tempted to eat them myself!

God, this is such a weird time. I wonder how many times the words ‘weird’, ‘crazy’, ‘strange’ and ‘surreal’ have been used to describe this period? I could probably find out but fear the answer would shock me! Anyhow, I really hope you’re safe and healthy.

Much love,

Ariane xxx

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3 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Welcome home!”

  1. My mum once told me that if one person is dieting in a household, the others will stuff themselves like geese. She was referring to our house help at the time, who was cooking a lot and a lot of desserts especially every time she was on a strict diet. Which three weeks out of four or so. Isn’t it a bit like this for your household?

    That said I don’t think you Brits are extravagant come Easter. We go mental on it where I come from, proper sugar overload. Easter bunnies, hens, squirrels, eggs of course and the lot. I’ll send you a pic if you’re curious.

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