Lockdown Diary: Green tea and crazy dreams

I have been drinking green tea in an adorable mug that my daughter got me for Mother’s Day in 2018:



I can’t say I really like green tea. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it’s no black tea with milk and sugar – and it’s no cappuccino with Demerara sprinkled on top. It’s just a bit meh. I drink it for my health, rather than because I like it.

My green tea is from the local Turkish shop and is called Dogadan.


I have no idea what Dogadan means in Turkish, but in English it conjures up a picture of a dogger called Dan. This does not make the tea more appealing.

(I suppose that’s one plus of lockdown – no dogging is happening right now!)

In other news, isolation seems to be making my mental health worse – in particular, my OCD (nothing to do with hygiene or perfectionism, just intrusive thoughts). I suppose that’s unsurprising given how anxiety-provoking this whole situation is. It’s just something I have to deal with, I guess. The main thing to remember is that OCD never happens. It’s just fear, not reality.

I’m also having the weirdest, most wistful and vivid dreams about ex-boyfriends! Perhaps that’s because of the loneliness. I had the most amazing, 13-Going-on-30-style dream about going back in time and making everything right with my first proper boyfriend, who I went out with for seven years, from 15 to 22. I wonder if he ever thinks of me.

Better stuff: I’m loving my free Blinkist subscription. One of the main takeaways from a book I read yesterday, Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan, was that you’ll be happier without the distraction of your phone. So I’m going to try to stop playing Scrabble on it so much. I play lots of people but am going to try to stick to making one move a day on each game, first thing in the morning. I’ll get so much else done!


Lastly, I keep forgetting what day it is. I always send my Patreon emails out on a Friday, but I completely missed yesterday. I’ll be sending them today, so sign up below if you want them!

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6 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary: Green tea and crazy dreams”

  1. I believe dogadan means “from the bush”… When I found out this, I ventured no further on Google… If you get coronavirus, you tend to lose your sense of taste; I am not encouraging you to…

  2. I drink green tea from time to time, mainly when I don’t want to have a caffeine intake. But I prefer black tea.

    I sadly learned recently that Jollybrew, one of my favourite teamaker, has shut down. Their website doesn’t exist anymore and their Twitter account doesn’t show anything new anymore.

    If you’ve dated your ex for so many years, he most likely thinks about you still.

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