Why I’ve decided to start a business amid Brexit chaos

I love jewellery – so with the help of my wonderful Patreon supporters and super-kind Ko-Fi donors and incredible Peter Weilgony, who has generously gifted me €1,000, I have decided to start a jewellery business.

I’ve been a jewellery-making addict for more than two years, so already had thousands of beads and materials, and had learned the skills needed to design and create pieces. All I needed, really, were some pretty packaging and a website, along with a unique and memorable name.

I have many names for the eight-year-old: Lilypops, Little Pops, Littlest Popsicle, Lil Popalous and Lillabilla. So when it came to deciding on a name for the business, I chose Lillabilla as (along with the rest) it’s close to my heart.

My extremely talented best friend Graham Nunn designed the following brilliant logo for me:


I then bought the font licence and found a reasonably priced Danish packaging firm who debossed the logo onto high quality jewellery boxes in rose gold foil. I had to buy three different sizes for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Lillabilla box.jpg

I wrote a business plan, and Graham also created an amazing spreadsheet for me, which enabled me to see exactly what all the materials cost and therefore what profit I could make from selling each piece. I decided to sell my pieces at roughly the same price points as Accessorize (£6 for earrings, £7 for bracelets and £12 for necklaces) even though they’re handmade and not mass produced. This will enable me to make roughly £2 from each piece.

Tamara bracelet 1

If I can sell five pieces an hour during the working day, I can make a decent living.

Annalise bracelet 1

Candy necklace 1


Brexit is worrying. Am I still going to be able to order packaging from Denmark, or will there be huge tariffs and lorries stuck at the border? I can find a new supplier, but at what price, and what cost to quality? Are people still going to want to buy jewellery if there’s an economic downturn? Are some of my bead suppliers going to go out of business?

I concede that Brexit may not be the ideal time to start a new venture, but in the absence of a job, it’s necessary, unless I want to start eating things people have dropped on the floor. And I’m really hoping that Brexit will never happen, which seems entirely possible right now.

People always want to know what a business’s USP is. So what makes Lillabilla different from all the other millions of jewellery businesses? Well, all the designs are entirely original and unique, but also: instead of being one-size-fits-all, each design can be personalised. You can select the length of the bracelets and necklaces, and can choose whether the earrings are clip-ons or for pierced ears.

In addition, you can choose the metal plating used in the design (silver, gold or rose gold) and there are even eight ‘name’ bracelet designs where you can specify the name you’d like on the bracelet. Oh, and I’ve decided to do themed collections for occasions, so will soon be launching a special Christmas range of earrings and bracelets using wintry colours and Christmas charms. (It’s only seven weeks away, guys!)

Kristy earrings 1

I’m quite excited. I love making jewellery and very much hope this could be a viable and profitable second career. I genuinely have no idea what the response to my jewellery designs is going to be, but that’s the great thing about life: it’s full of surprises.

So here it is: Lillabilla Personalised Jewellery! I hope you like it. Christmas is coming up, so do consider placing an order, as your wife/mum/sister might like a pretty bracelet as a Christmas gift. You can tell them it was designed and made by that girl who did the ‘probably no God’ buses.

Now that’s definitely a unique selling point.

Edit: Lillabilla no longer exists as I’m busy being a pop star at arianexmusic.com!

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